HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR AT HOME KIT? Hopefully we can answer these here.

1. I know very little about mindfulness. Can I use this kit with my child(ren)?

Yes! I wrote the manual for those who were new to mindfulness and for those with a more experienced practice. You will have fun learning about and practicing mindfulness by participating in the activities together.

2.  How big is the clear mind jar and can it be used with small children?

The jar that comes in the kit is a beautiful, clear jar that's half-gallon in size.  It is made out of lightweight, impact resistant plastic. Once your jar is made, it's mesmerizing and all people-not just children-love it!  So, yes! It can be used with small children-grandmas and grandpas, too!

3.  Are the same activities in the AT HOME kit as the EDUCATIONAL TOOLKIT?

Some are! Since I had such great experiences with many of these activities, I did include many of the same in the home kit.  However, the home kit includes some additional activities that are better done in a smaller home environment.  

4.  What if I have several children in my home? Can I use this with more than one child?

Yes! The supplies included in the kit and the activities in the manual can be used with just one or more than one child. The kit was designed for children around the ages of 5-10, so children of varying ages can benefit.


HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR EDUCATIONAL TOOLKIT? Hopefully we can answer these here.

1.  What's the difference between consumable and permanent materials?

Consumable materials are items that will be used up, or children will take home after a class (e.g. small clear mind jar, glue, glitter, cotton balls, gratitude journal ).

Permanent materials are items in the kit that can be used over and over and will only need replacing if damaged, lost, or worn from too much love (i.e. Instructor's Manual, books, percussion chime, blindfolds, Hoberman Sphere).

2.  How do I store my materials once it arrives?

Your toolkit comes in an attractive, sturdy, easy-to-use box to store all your materials.  There is a handy top tray that can be filled with supplies needed for the day and taken to your teaching location. Since this box was designed for storage and ease of teaching, be sure to keep the original box for all refill materials. 

3. Can I use this toolkit if I have never taught mindfulness before?

Absolutely! The Beginner's Mind Toolkit was designed for those brand new to mindfulness and for those who have a stronger mindfulness practice.  

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