Top worries of children by age to keep in mind when planning mindfulness lessons

Posted on September 08 2016

When I teach mindfulness to children, it helps in lesson planning when I understand the stage of development they are in.  I found this list of top worries of children by age, and I keep it as a quick reference so I’m ready if these come up in conversation.  Notice that the older the children become, the fears of failure and being accepted increases.  You can understand why teaching self-acceptance and non-judgement is so important to include in your mindfulness lessons.

 Age 5-7 Fears

  • fire
  • bad guys
  • the dark
  • taking tests
  • being rejected by their friends
  • doctors and shots
  • bugs and animals

 Age 8-11 Fears

  • bad guys and ghosts
  • being home by themselves
  • dying
  • sickness
  • failure in school
  • throwing up in school
  • being rejected by their friends

Age 12-18 Fears

  • their safety
  • becoming sick
  • throwing up in school
  • failure in school or sports
  • fear of school speeches or presentations
  • how they look to others
  • violence and global issues

 Laura Zimmer- Author/Creator of The Beginner's Mind Mindfulness Teaching Toolkit - A mindfulness curriculum for elementary children.

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