Mudras for Children

Posted on January 06 2017

Children love mudras!  Mudras are symbols made with the hands that tune us into the subtle energies of the body.  Our fingertips have many nerve endings and pressing them together to form a symbol or shape can be very calming, healing or even energizing.  Mudras can be used for self-regulation and body awareness and are typically done in a seated position. 

 The hand gesture in the above illustration is a mudra for kindness.  It’s called the Padma Mudra.  It’s also known as the lotus.  This mudra provides an opening to release and accept kindness.  It also helps to calm and ground.

It is done by pressing the base of the hands, the pinky fingers and thumbs together.  Let the index, middle and ring finger float outwards to represent the lotus petals.  Have children imagine a light or kind thoughts coming out of the center of the flower.

~Excerpt from the Beginner’s Mind At Home teaching manual.

 Beginner's Mind At Home is a home mindfulness activity kit for families with young children.

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