Gratitude Journaling in the Classroom and at Home

Posted on November 19 2017


Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

~William Arthur Ward

Gratitude journaling on a daily or weekly basis not only develops writing skills, but also helps children recognize all the good in their lives, even if their lives don’t seem so good at times. If you are working with very young children, journaling in picture form is a great way to express their gratitude.

Our roles as educators and parents is to provide the lens through which our children can view their lives with more acceptance and positivity and to turn their focus to what is good and beautiful in their world. Once we are able to shift our focus and are able to point out the good in even the crumbiest of situations, it allows for authentic happiness and a more positive outlook on life.

Gratitude journaling should be about non-material things. It should be about the simple things in life that make us happy. Our culture is bombarded with the pressures of the media that more is better, and if you purchase something all sadness and loneliness will disappear. Not so.

What kind of journal? Get creative! 

  • Have your children make their own by using individual sheets of paper and assemble it into book form. This can be fancied up with ribbons to bind it together.
  • If you have a binder and sheet protectors, slide their entries into the sleeves and use the binder as their book. This is also great for children who prefer to draw.
  • Take a shopping trip to the store and make it an event if you are buying for use at home. You can find actual journals in the office supply area or head to the school supply aisle for more economical notebooks. If back-to-school supplies are still in stock, you may still be able to find some with fun covers.

Need journaling ideas?

  • A favorite place
  • A family member that they adore
  • A favorite season
  • A smell
  • A pet
  • A song or poem
  • A strong memory
  • A story they once heard or told
  • A friend






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