Bring the gift of mindfulness to your summer!

Posted on May 08 2017

Bring the gift of mindfulness to your summer!  Whether you are a parent, educator, or a community leader for children, Beginner’s Mind has the perfect way to practice mindfulness with the children in your life. All supplies are included in our large Educational Toolkit, so there’s no prep for you! Our At Home kit is a smaller version of our Educational Toolkit so you can practice at home with your family.

What can you experience when you practice mindfulness with Beginner’s Mind during the summer? You can:

  • Appreciate nature by taking mindful walks. Use your ears to listen, your nose to smell, your feet and hands to touch, and your eyes to take in the beauty that summer has to offer.
  • Practice mindful eating by having a picnic outdoors.
  • Take a mindful scavenger hunt indoors or outdoors to become more aware of the little things that often go unnoticed.
  • Practice breath work by playing interactive games with straws, bubbles, pom pons and feathers.
  • Make a family or class peace flag and let it hang in the sunshine.
  • Make scented eye pillows to use as a way to relax and connect with your breath.
  • Spend time journaling your thoughts and things you’re grateful for.
  • Make a clear mind jar with your class or family as a way to regulate emotions.
  • Play Kindness BINGO, and notice how good being kind to others feels.
  • Role play different scenarios to experience what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes to practice empathy.

And so many more activities! There are over 80 mindfulness activities in the Beginner’s Mind Educational and At Home Kit! Expose yourself and your family to living a more mindful life in a fun and engaging way with Beginner’s Mind.

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