Beginner's Mind - Mindfulness Teaching Toolkit is ready to ship!

Posted on June 20 2016

I am excited to announce that after several years of planning, the Beginner's Mind Mindfulness Teaching Toolkit is finally complete and ready to ship!

I designed this toolkit after several years of teaching mindfulness to elementary children, and found that while there were many awesome curriculums out there, I was spending many hours prepping materials and crazy amounts of time running around to stores to purchase the materials. I didn't have that kind of time, and I knew other teachers didn't either. I also wanted to provide a curriculum that could reach children in many types of group settings. This toolkit is intended to be used in schools, after-school programs, summer camps and yoga studios, to name a few.  Everything needed to teach children how to live mindfully is here, and you can start your lessons as soon as the toolkit is delivered.

In addition to including all the materials, something else that sets it apart from several other curriculums, is that all the activities in the manual and all of the materials in the kit, have been used with actual groups of children.  I find it crazy how many teaching manuals I've seen over the years, where it's obvious they've never been used with actual kids.  During my years of teaching, I've found the glue that dissolves the best for making clear mind jars, the most convenient strips of paper to make gratitude chains, (they're actually self-adhesive so there's no need to scramble to unjam a stapler, or help unstick a tape wad that's been stuck together by impatient, little hands).  I've also found the easiest way to make soothing eye pillows to use when practicing breath work, and the best books to create conversation when introducing mindfulness, breath work, gratitude, kindness, exploring the world with the 5 senses, empathy and togetherness.  As a teacher, I get it! Teachers' want lessons that are relevant, fun, convenient, and easy to implement and teach.  Well, I hope I have that covered for you. 

Watch for more posts this week on this blog as I will be teaching a mindfulness class to 6-9 year olds, and will share stories, pictures, and ideas.   If you would like to follow our progress, please sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  

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